Animal massage


Since Antiquity, massage has been the most popular form of medical treatment in many countries. The basic technique of the current traditional western massage was elaborated at the end of the 19th century by the Swede Per Henrik Ling. According to each country, massage has its own culture, history and characteristics. In Japan  it has its roots in the forms ” anma ” ( Japanese traditional massage) and ” shiatsu” (massage by pressure of fingers and palms).
Animal massage arose from the idea to apply to our animals these effective human therapies. In parallel to the evolution of the veterinary technologies, to the development of a very high quality nutrition and to a better knowledge of pet owners, the average animal life expenctancy has grown highly within a few years.
In the human health field, several alternative therapies to western modern medicine have recently drawn general public and professional attention.

Among others, acupuncture moxibustion,  kampo medecine (oriental plants medicine), massages, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, Flowers of Bach, food supplements and various other remedies.
Although they are not always in agreement with western medicines based on science, they have been recognized empirically for their excellent therapeutic effects and their capacity to help the body to defend itself on its own. However, as it is difficult to explain their functionings by traditional scientific means, these medicines were considered for a long time as poorly reliable – even eccentric- by western medicine. But, as the progress in medecine goes on, its limits nevertheless have began to be discussed, favoring the popularity of alternative therapies. These therapeutic methods can be applied to human beings but also to animals. They are considered as effective, not only to handle diseases, but also for their preventive virtues. Approaches combining modern western medicine and alternative therapies have even began to emerge.


The French branch of Pet Esthétique International Association contributed to popularize and teach pet massages with the aim of protecting their health, of warning diseases and favoring their early detection. PEIA promoted animal massage as a means of communication serving to create a deep link between the animal and its master, via physical contact. “Ishino Method” combines the therapy by meridians and points of acupuncture, with the lymphatic treatment applied to animals.

Massages 1

Massage with “Kassa Plates” Pet Esthé ®

In antique China, it was considered that the meridians in which circulate the qi,  water and  blood – sources of life – went through the whole body. There are 14 meridians. Points of acupuncture linked to specific parts of the body can be stimulated. Since Antiquity we know that circulation problems of the qi, the water and the blood in meridians, causes a number of diseases. Stimulating these points by acupuncture,  shiatsu, moxibustion or other massage techniques can treat various pathologies.

The Kassa massage is a treatment destinated to eliminate toxin ( polluted blood) by rubbing the skin with a plaque called a Kassa plate. This improves the meridian circulation and adjusts the qi. The massage kit Pet Esthé Kassa is a set of techniques combining lymphatic massage, massage of meridians and massage Kassa. Combining the Kassa massage with the Chinese philosophy based on meridians and points of acupuncture, the Japanese shiatsu massage and the western lymphatic massage will also contribute to strengthen beauty, well-being and animal health. The Kassa method is an approach in which can be combined techniques with frictions by using Kassa plates ®, Shiatsu pressure techniques, and techniques of massages with plucking.

The combination of the Kassa massage and an aromatic gel

Animal skin being thick as 1/3 to 1/5 of human skin, the use of the Kassa plate alone could damage skin and hair. The aromatic gel Pet Esthé contains proteins (combination of amino acids) present in the coat of the animal, as well as ingredients allowing to reduce the frictions, working as a lubricant for the skin and the coat. To massage the coat and the skin delicately will allow the animal to relax, improving thereby its mental well-being. You can also use the ozone diffuser Pet Esthé Ozone Streamer after the application of the frost. It will allow a better penetration in the coat, provide warmth (pleasant during the winter months) and the improvement of the effects of the care and treatments.

Gel Aromatique 1

Advantages of the use of the massage gel:

- Reduces the friction of Kassa plates, as well as the constraints on the skin and the coat of the animal
- Allows to massage more smoothly thanks to the effects of the gel (by reducing the coefficient of friction) used in aromatherapy
- Hydrates the skin and the coat
- Strengthens the effects of the aromatherapic relaxation.

Inconveniences of not using the aromatic gel:

- The Kassa plate will not slide well on skin and hair during massage
-The animal will not feel as well and relaxed as possible during the massage
- The coat and the skin will lose their hydration.