Control of the coat

Control the flexibility of the coat thanks to the system UP / DOWN of Pet Esthé ® ! This technique is particularly indicated for the preparation of competitions or exhibitions.


Product for professional use which gives volume to the coat, giving it a long-lasting glossy and silky aspect.

Composition: extracted from melaleuca, hydrolyzed protein of soya, amino acids (triméthylglycine, sérine, wisteria, glutamic L-acide, DL-alanine, L-lysine in solution, L-arginine, DL-thréonine, L-proline, dlpyrrolidonecarboxylate of sodium in solution)


Product for professional use essentially improving the hair resistance. This product contains polypeptides with high molecular weight which cover the hair with a light film, while giving it a brilliant and smooth aspect.

Composition: melaleuca extract, wheat germs oil, hydrolyzed soya protein , marine collagen,  seaweeds extracts.

By using PET Esthé Pré Up ® and Meadow Down ® with the PET Esthé Mud Pack ®, the aspect of the hair and its resistance quickly improve in a spectacular way.