An aesthetic shampoo which takes care of the skin !

The main objectives of an animal shampoo is to remove the dirt, dust, sweat, dandruff, and the sebum which stick to the skin and the coat, the fallen hairs, and of course to embellish the skin and the coat in a natural way. But the shampoo should also care for the skin. Numerous products on sale on the market forget this essential aspect for animals. Indeed, the coat takes root on the skin and dies at the end from the cellular division. An attractive coat will thus develop only if the skin is hydrated, supple and healthy.


- Corresponds to the isoelectric pH of the skin and hair
– Cleaning components established with the same amino acids as those of the skin and the coat
– Brings to the skin necessary nutriments to improve its health
– Repairs damaged coats.

A shampoo specially elaborated for pets

What are exactly the differences between shampooes for pets and shampooes for human beings? Their basic composition is globally the same, but there are nevertheless significant differences linked in particular to the isoelectric pH of each species.


The vertical section shows that the cortex covers the main part of the human hair. The medulla covers a small part and the cuticles are fine.


The exposed edge of the cuticle lacks cutting. The cortex and the medulla cover 35 % of the hair and the cavity of the medulla is thick.


Cat hair is rather thick and the medulla covers a wide zone. The medulla having numerous pores, it gives lightness to the touch.

Noxious effects of the use of a shampoo for human beings on pets

  • The skin and the coat will be damaged after every shampoo because of a different isometric pH.
  • The dirt will not be eliminated in a effective way, the color of the coat will change, certain smells will appear, and the skin will be rough. Dog’s hair being finer than human hair, it will be entangled, felt, and form balls.
  • Human shampoo has no effect on the deletion of body odours or the destruction of pests.