Aromatherapy is also for pets!

The term Aromatherapy is composed of the words ” aroma “, meaning perfume, and “therapy” referring to the care itself. This therapy is commonly used, and its effects have been proved. In nature, animals look after  themselves by using or by consuming plants, herb and fruit flavors. More and more people have pets, and share various sources of stress with their companions. It is thus very important to bring them the benefactions of aromatherapy, and to do our best to make them feel as well as if they lived in the wilds.

The aromatherapy system is a set of professional beauty care conceived for animals, with an “aromatherapy” component and high-end “massage”. To massage animals with a combination of aromatic oil and ingredients intended to maintain the coat (using the same proteins as those present in the skin and the fur) improves not only the skin and the coat. It also frees the animal of multiple factors of stress (anxiety of separation, stress during a training or during a canine exhibition, overactivity, phobia to human beings or towards certain places, fear of loud noises, etc.). The Pet Esthé ® aromathérapique system treats and relieves the animal you love. This treatment is also the opportunity to strengthen the link between human being and animal and maintain this relationship.