Marie Cavalieri D’Oro



Honorary President of the Pet Esthétique International Association

1954 – Grand prize for youth at the Franco-Belgian Tournament

In the course of her studies at the Esthetics Training Centre in Paris, Marie Cavalieri D’Oro learned different techniques in the field of esthetics, notably, body and facial care, as well as hairdressing. In 1954, she won the grand prize for youth at the Franco-Belgian Tournament.

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Grand Prix
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1957-1971  Montreal (Canada) – Launch of three hairdressing and esthetics salons

In the space of four years, Marie Cavalieri D’Oro opened three different salons: Salon Elysée, Dauphin Haute Coiffure and Vrai Hair Styliste.

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salon de coiffure au canada
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1990 – Opening of the rue de Longchamps salon in Paris’ 16th arrondissement

Inspired by her love for the canine race, Marie Cavalieri D’Oro decided to open her first grooming salon in Paris’ 16th arrondissement. On the animals, she used the same techniques initially created for humans. Her experience in hairstyling allowed her to be equally innovative in the area of animal grooming – she was one of first to carefully study the morphology of animals.


1995 – The beginnings of Petesthétique

Following the launch of her grooming salon, Marie Cavalieri D’Oro had the idea to expand the range of animal care services adapted from human esthetic techniques. She met Japanese cosmetics maker Masahiro Tsunoda and together they developed a range of pet care products and services for animals based on one realization: that domestic animals can suffer from the same stress felt daily by their masters. The majority of the dogs visiting Marie Cavalieri D’Oro’s salon were suffering from skin diseases or irritations. This is how the animal massage techniques approved by the Pet Esthétique International Association came to be developed.

2003 – Expansion of the Pet Esthé Product Line

Again in close cooperation with Masahiro Tsunoda, the President of Merry Do Beauty Products Co. Ltd, Marie Cavalieri D’Oro actively participated in the development of Pet Esthé animal hair care product ranges.

2006 – Opening of the first spa for domestic animals in France

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